About Us

At Innovative Spine Rehab, we believe there is a right way to treat patients. We start by giving you plenty of time to talk with our therapists and technicians. We listen to what you tell us about your pain, and actively respond with the best care for your particular situation. We create a positive, welcoming environment, where you feel motivated to heal from whatever brought you to our door. We take our time, and listen, and care, because it’s just how we would want to be treated.

Our mission is to help you relieve your pain and increase your strength and movement, so you can return to your full potential. We offer an excellent clinical experience, from our initial contact with you until your final visit. Furthermore, we take our “innovative” name seriously by using cutting-edge techniques to give you the opportunity for a better and more pain-free life.

Our History

Innovative Spine Rehab had its humble beginnings in 2004. The clinic started out in a snug little 1,000 square foot space near Tuesday Morning. Fitness Tech had a personal training center in that area, and they asked Darby if he would set up a physical therapy clinic. Of course he said yes, so he set up three tables, hung out a shingle, and opened West Little Rock Physical Therapy.

He was in business about a year when Darby was approached by Doctors Carl Covey and Chris Mocek of Innovative Spine Care with an opportunity. They asked if he would move his PT clinic next to their pain management center to create a full-service facility for pain treatment. Darby agreed, and in 2005 he relocated to a brand-new building to collaborate with Innovative Spine Care.

With the move came a new name: Innovative Spine Rehab. Darby also brought in a friend, chiropractor Don Johnson, to complete the range of services the team could offer. The team treatment system worked well for patients, and Darby and his team treated people there for almost five years.

Despite the successful partnership, in 2009 Darby’s team decided to strike out on their own. They opened a new clinic on Bowman Road, keeping the name Innovative Spine Rehab. With this new facility came new growth, as word spread of the patient-centered focus at the clinic. Darby also brought in talented new assistants and technicians during this time.

Finally, in 2016, after seven great years on Bowman Road, Innovative Spine Rehab moved to its present facility, on Kanis Road. The layout of the new location is excellent for keeping the focus on patient care. It’s a great space, and the team loves it. We look forward to spending many more years here helping patients become pain-free!