Leslie Heizman: Post-surgical Treatment for Back Pain

Eighteen months post surgery for a discectomy, my L5-S1 disc re-herniated. I had pain, numbness and general discomfort. Darby and his team told me if I would follow the exercise protocol I could get better and likely avoid surgery. Years later, I have avoided surgery and am walking 3-4 miles a day five days a week! Thanks Innovative Spine Rehab! There is a special atmosphere of caring and healing here.

Wilma Hardy: Treatment for Sciatica and Shingles

As a patient of Innovative Spine Rehab, I can testify to the outstanding treatment they provide. When I entered into their therapy, my problems were sciatica nerve and shingles, which in addition to the pain, kept me from sleeping. Miraculously, both the sciatica nerve and shingles were cured because of their excellent care. To make the situation even more positive, Innovative Spine Rehab’s staff was beyond cordial, courteous and helpful at all times. I have recommended Innovative Spine Rehab to some of my friends and will continue to do so when the occasion arises, all because of my positive experience with them.

Patricia Carter: Pain Management

Innovative Spine Rehab has made a huge difference for me in my pain management. Prior to the treatment I received with Innovative Spine, I had to rely on just medication to help with my pain relief. They provided me with outstanding care and worked with me to customize my treatment for my particular needs. It has improved my quality of life and the ability to better endure less pain.

Char DeMore: Rehab due to Accident

After having several treatments from the very adept and caring crew of Innovative Spine Rehab, I highly recommend them to anyone needing rehab due to an accident or a fall, etc.

Jonathon Kent Hall: Post Surgery Rehab and Pain Reduction

I started my physical therapy with Innovative Spine Rehab after having surgery on my lower back. I had a partial discectomy at L5-S1 and a laminectomy at L4-L5. I was not mobile at all only being able to move from the bed to the recliner each day. I felt very discouraged and concerned that I would never be rid of the pain and that I would never again be able to live a functional life. I expressed my concerns to Darby Brighton upon my initial visit. He showed genuine compassion and assured me that everything I was experiencing was normal and that it would take some time to heal but that I would indeed heal. This gave me hope and I was determined to work to resolve all of the issues that was causing this pain.

Although, I am still on the road to recovery, I AM better, physically and emotionally and I can honestly say that with Darby’s help and positive attitude I have begun my recovery from this ordeal. The entire staff is so friendly and up-beat and makes it as enjoyable as possible each visit.

Pauline Stanton: Relief from Low Back Pain

When I first began therapy at Innovative Spine Rehab, I had already spent several weeks with low back pain, and was a little unsure if therapy would even help. After just a few visits, Darby and his team had me feeling much better and moving around much better. They truly care about each person’s pain and always give their 100% to getting me back to feeling pretty TERRIFIC!

Pat Canterberry: Spine Pain Rehab

I have recently been a patient at Innovative Spine Rehab and I surely have been impressed with the staff there. For years I have had back problems, as I have Degenerative Disc Disease and had herniated discs. Needless to say I have had a lot of physical therapy. However, I can tell you I had the best care here than I ever had. All of the staff are so caring, friendly, professional and very well trained. If you need spine care, I would highly recommend this is the place to go.

Laura Hays: Enhanced Mobility and Reduced Neck Pain and Stiffness

I came to Innovative Spine Rehab with a herniated disc in my neck and a great deal of stiffness and limited motion. After only the second visit, I could tell a vast improvement in my ability to move my neck more freely with less pain and stiffness. With each of the 4 weeks of treatment, my condition has improved and I’ve been able to maintain better motion and reduced stiffness between treatments, and my energy level has increased.

The entire staff is knowledgeable, professional and caring. Darby provided a treatment plan specific to my condition through analysis of my MRI and through thorough evaluation of my symptoms and complaints. This plan is carefully followed and updated as needed, or as my symptoms improve.

Ruth Johnston: A Comfortable and Pleasant Rehab Experience

It is very important when you walk in a doctor’s, dentist or professional office that you feel comfortable in your surroundings. ISR exemplifies that comfort with a friendly and helpful manner each time I visited their office. Thanks to Innovative Spine Rehab, this has been a very pleasant experience.

Brenda Foiles: Relief from Pain!

Darby Brighton and his staff are professional, considerate and kind. The facility is kept very clean, fresh and equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. The physical therapy combined with the exercise machines Darby prescribed have been effective with my treatment and recovery. I would recommend Innovative Spine Rehab with anyone suffering with pain or a spine injury. Thanks to Darby and my therapy sessions I have seen improvement and most importantly relief.

Meagan Jordan: Relief from Back and Foot Pain

My back and foot pain made it difficult to stand and walk. I felt a significant improvement after just two weeks of therapy. It has improved my quality of life in a tremendous way.

Matthew Hamilton: I Recommend ISR to All My Martial Arts Clients!

I cannot recommend Innovative Spine Rehab enough! As co-owner of Arkansas’s largest Mixed Martial Arts Gym, I see all types of injuries on a daily basis. I visit Darby  regularly for preventive maintenance, I also see him for any rehab needs I may have. I recommend ISR to all my clients regardless of their injury, as well as to my friends and family. We are always pleased with the treatment and results we see.

Ashley Washam: Successful Rehab of My Foot Injury

This past July, I experienced a foot injury in the middle of the Dam Night Run at Lake DeGray. Somewhere around the top of the dam the pain in my foot started and continued until I finished the race, It was the worst time I can remember but I finished that race. I was in horrible pain. The pain continued to worsen the next day, so Monday morning I headed to the experts at Innovative Spine Rehab. Darby is a runner and he is very aware of the injuries we face. For three weeks I had therapy. They used a variety of innovative techniques to rehab my foot. I am flat footed so pain is quite common for me. Darby taught me to do easy exercises to strengthen my feet and for properly stretching my calves which seem to tighten up a lot due to the over-pronation of my flat feet. I am back to running long distances and have had no problems since.